12 High Design IKEA Hacks

I am totally amazed by how versatile IKEA furnitures are. There are some absolutely beautiful makeovers on the internet made by some seriously creative people. I have gathered 12 beautiful high design IKEA hacks for you.

Ikea hacks

1.DIY Speckled Jewelry Dish from Coasters

Ikea hacks

Source: diys.com

2.DIY Abstract Brushstroke Tray

Source: diys.com

3.DIY Acacia Wood Plant Stand

Ikea hacks

Source: sugarandcloth.com

4. DIY Entry Table

Ikea Hacks

Source: stylemepretty.com

5. Slim Desk

Source: undeclaredpanache.com

6.Turn A Boring Chair Into A Glam Piece

Source: thekeyitem.com

7.Glammed Up Gold Stools

Source: brendabirddesigns.com

8.DIY Mini Bar Cart

Source: stylemepretty.com

9. Retro DIY Sideboard

Source: sugarandcloth.com


Number 10 is one that you can get creative yourself! A Swedish company called Superfront makes fronts, handles, legs and marble tops for IKEA furniture. You can get some inspiration from their website or instagram account.

11.DIY : Vintage Style Gold Dresser

Source: preciouslyme.com

12.SVALBO Hack

Source: thesweetbeastblog.com

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