Weekend Snapshots 1

As a newcomer to Istanbul i have been trying to have as productive weekends as i can. And by productive i mean A LOT of relaxing time with family and friends. Yep, that’s my understanding of productivity.

Having lived in Australia for the last 4 months, i feel like a freshman in Istanbul. My first month in the beautiful city i was born and raised has been quite relaxing and fun. Come and join me with my slow and relaxing adjusting process to this 24/7 lively city.


Started the Saturday morning with having candy apple for breakfast. I know, it’s maybe childish. But who cares, right?




And my daily must have: Turkish coffee and a little bit of cup reading (obviously!)


Finished the day off with having some raki and meze with former colleagues with the beautiful view of the Bosphorus. Great view, great food and great company!



After a delicious Saturday, i woke up to an even more delicious day. The most fun part of the week: Turkish Sunday Breakfast with the family!


Followed by Turkish coffee with some Turkish delights (yum!)


Then i must have thought that a nice Italian rose might ease that two day long Turkish overload I went out with a friend to have a relaxing Sunday evening to finish off the weekend.


I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

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